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Broaching Operation Simulation Software (BOSS) is a simulation program for broaching processes. The backbone of the software is built with C# .net 3.5 where the user interface is built up with the recent trends. By this way user can easily model his/her broaches/operations.

With BOSS Analyzer the users can calculate:
  • The cutting forces,
  • Stresses acting on each tooth,
  • Chip thickness and rake angle distributions on all broach teeth,
  • And the cutting power,
  • In addition the user can analyze each step of the workpiece geometry after each tooth engages.
The most recent version is BOSS 2009 SP1. With this version the user interface is developed further enabling the definition of complicated details and uses more functions. For more detailed information contact us.

BOSS Designer is a guided broach design software. You can test, analyze, and optimize your current broach or new designs by BOSS designer. BOSS Designer improves the performance of your process by using unique optimization techniques with a flexible user interface. In the mean time user can compare the different designs easily in order to visualize the improvements.

The first version of BOSS Designer is planned to release in September. Please keep up with our web site.
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