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About Maxima
MAXIMA Ltd. is an engineering and R & D company founded by the partnership of
Sabancı University and Manufacturing Research Laboratory (MRL).

Maxima specializes on machine tools and machining operations. Analysis, modeling, measurements, and simulation techniques are used in order to increase the efficiency and quality while reducing the cost of the industrial operation that use machining processes. This enable users to select the optimum cutting parameters in processes such as turning, milling (including 5 axis milling), drilling, broaching etc. Thus increases the efficiency of the process.

Our company serves also in the areas of engineering and education. Our experience over 20 years in machining is our main advantage.
    In this regard we have service in the following areas:

  • Consultancy on metal cutting operations,
  • Solution partner for high-speed machining,
  • Development and sale of virtual machining software,
  • Manufacturing of highly complicated parts,
  • Education on the metal cutting by applications.
    Followings are our main research and application areas:

  • Virtual Machining,
  • 5-Axis Milling Operations,
  • Production of Thin-walled Structures,
  • Micro-machining (metal cutting),
  • Chatter suppression in turning and milling,
  • Broach Design,
  • Broaching Operations,
  • Tool Life and Wear Tests,
  • Tool and Material Calibration Tests,
  • Measurement and Analysis of CNC Machine Tool Dynamics,
  • Machining of bio-medical materials.
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