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PM (Point Mill) is 2.5, 3, and 5 axis milling simulation software.
    PM calculates:
  • The cutting forces,
  • Stresses acting on the tool,
  • Torque,
  • Power,
  • Tool deflections and
  • Form errors,
  • in very short processing times.
The recent version is PM Multi-Axis 1.1 Beta. Version 2009 will be released in early December.

Point Mill (PM) Machine Dynamics
PM Machine Dynamics module enables to predict the chatter problem before the operation take place. Wiht the help of this module users can obtain the cutting parameters that can overcome chatter problems while increasing the process efficiency.

The recent version is PM Dynamics 1.1 Beta. Version 2009 will be released in early December with PM Multi-Axis 2009.

PM Designer is developed in order to analyze milling operations with different cutting tools or machining parameters which is then used to select the optimum machining parameters. With the help of PM Designer you can obtain the best cutting conditions in a very short time.

We are planning to release the first version in early January, 2010.
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